High PR Dofollow Blog Lists For Commenting – May 2013

high pr do follow blog commenting list may 2013Whether you are a seasoned SEO provider or a business learning the ropes, it seems to be increasingly difficult to find ways (or at least believe in them) to positively effect your search engine rankings.  The latest Google Update, Penguin 2.0, has seemingly drawn deeper lines in the sand for what is and isn't acceptable in Google's eyes.  This has left an increasing amount of SEO consultants, agencies, and affiliate marketers adopting the party line and persuing a solid Inbound Marketing campaign – and rightfully so.  The old ways are no longer effective on their own and can easily get your site penalized or at least, negatively impacted, but does this mean that link building is dead and techniques used in the past are no longer viable at all?  The simple answer is hell no.

Effective Link Building For 2013 – What Works and What Doesn't?

Apparently Google has devalued a number of different types of links in their ranking algoritm during the last year and most recently during the May Google Penguin 2.0 update.  In fact, one of the examples of links that SEOs and Inbound Marketers where going crazy over and now possibly carry less significance, are infograpnic links. Now I am not Google and I don't know exactly which links carry value and which don't, but the point is that nothing is sacred with Google – even in the world of so called white hat link building or SEO.  Because of this, your strategy for link building should be the same as it is for content marketing and social media exposure and signals: authentic, quality contributions.

Link building isn't dead, far from it.  Since Penguin 2.0 hit, I have helped clients naturally develop all sorts of links and we have watched their rankings and traffic increase as a direct result.  There are proper foundations of onsite SEO that need to be laid in addition to a solid social presence and content strategy, but in the end, just like they always have, links are still moving the needle. 

The difference may be however, an increased need for quality content surrounding and related to the links you build.

Quality Link Building: The Content and Reality Factor

Whie tiered link building and other forms of grey and blackhat SEO may still be effective in the short term, they won't be around for long.  This doesn't mean however that the same types of links, namely blog comments or quality profile links, or social bookmarks can't be used naturally and in an effective way to pass pagerank and create positive "votes" for your site or page. 

In fact, if you look at the link profile of some top tier sites across various industries who are obviously SEO savvy, you will often see some of the top incoming links to their site (measured by Page Authority) coming from blog comment links.  Some may be dofollow and some nofollow, but links from these sites – especially followed links with high PR can literally bump up your page overnight.

What you also see with these sites with high PR and PA links pointed at them is that they aren't using spammy anchor text or obvious optimization in their comments or links.  They use their name or brand to link to their site.  In other words, they are linking naturally as themselves.  The comment they leave isn't "Great post, I agree" – it's an actual contribution to the post that was written and the thread of the comments.  In fact, some sites that allow commenting will allow dofollow links from their posts, but only after you have commented more then 2 or 3 times and been approved.

Ok, Here's The Actual List Of High Quality Do Follow Blogs You Can Comment On

So I just had to get in those previous paragraphs as a caveat before actually posting some blogs.  Some of these are well known, others are less, but this is updated as of May of this year (2013):

PR 3 Dofollow Blog List:

  1. www.technicallyeasy.net
  2. www.internetninja.com/au
  3. www.thebitbot.com
  4. www.productivewriters.com/
  5. www.barrywise.com
  6. www.geeks4share.com
  7. www.blazingminds.co.uk
  8. www.missnexus.com
  9. www.giglogo.com
  10. www.hotblogtips.com
  11. www.magnet4marketing.net
  12. www.pqinternet.com
  13. www.probloggingsuccess.com
  14. www.extramoneyblog.com
  15. www.sbabzy.com
  16. www.bloggingtipstoday.com
  17. www.josylad.com
  18. www.mywpexpert.com
  19. www.seommotips.com/
  20. www.freebloghelp.com

PR 4 Dofollow Blog List:

  1. www.everydaygyaan.com
  2. www.bloggodown.com
  3. www.gradmoneymatters.com
  4. www.kid666.com
  5. www.randomhacks.net
  6. www.benspark.com
  7. www.famousbloggers.net
  8. www.cravingtech.com
  9. www.stayonsearch.com/
  10. www.steverenner.com
  11. www.uncommonphotographers.net/
  12. www.tips4pc.com
  13. www.stephanmiller.com
  14. www.renegadewriter.com
  15. www.blogchef.net
  16. www.performinsider.com
  17. www.thebadblogger.com
  18. www.becomeablogger.com
  19. www.motivatingmom.co.uk/wp/
  20. www.howtospoter.com/

PR 5 Dofollow Blog List:

  1. www.bluehatseo.com
  2. www.searchenginepeople.com
  3. www.seobythesea.com/
  4. www.seo-hacker.com
  5. www.myrecycledbags.com
  6. www.midasoracle.com
  7. www.newcritics.com
  8. www.quickonlinetips.com
  9. www.growmap.com
  10. www.forthelose.org
  11. www.engineering.curiouscatblog.net
  12. www.comptalks.com
  13. www.earteasy.com/blog
  14. www.blog.2createawebsite.com
  15. www.blogussion.com
  16. www.thevirtuallasst.com
  17. www.lauraroeder.com
  18. www.carlgalloway.com/
  19. www.zigpress.com/
  20. www.nicktraffictricks.com

PR 6 Dofollow Blog List:

  1. www.weblogtoolscollection.com (This is the one I mentioned turns your dofollow links into nofollow after 2 or 3 comments I believe)
  2. www.w3blog.dk
  3. www.socialtimes.com

PR 7 Dofollow Blog List:

Well, actually I'm going to keep these under wraps for now.  There are some edu blogs and a couple others on the PR 7 list, but the list is short and I don't want it over-exposed.  If you are really interested, shoot me an email.

Remember, you should not be commenting for SEO, you should be commenting for yourself and for the Blog.  If you happen to hyperlink your name or brand because the site gives you the opportunity, well then this is an excellent bonus.  Stay focused on spreading quality and your links will only help.





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